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Club PuSh presents: SPOKAOKE


For this night of karaoke, Annie Dorsen has put together a selection of numbers like no other. There’s no Gloria Gaynor, no Queen or Taylor Swift. In their place are some other greats—artists who have gone down in history for their passion, their eloquence, their words. Spokaoke features Socrates, Muammar Gaddafi, Ronald Reagan and more. Their speeches have helped make the world as we know it, and on this occasion audiences do their own covers of them.

Participants choose from a selection of over 90 classics: Socrates’ address to the court, Gaddafi’s UN tirade, Reagan’s exhortation to “tear down this wall.” To recite these golden oldies is to recognize them for what they are: pieces of popular art. Here’s a chance to pay tribute to some of the greatest hitmakers of all time; who needs Neil Diamond when you’ve got Sarah Palin?

About the PuSh Festival
In a spirit of innovation, the PuSh Festival engages and enriches audiences with adventurous contemporary performance, while promoting cultural exchange and development.

The Festival showcases contemporary work that is visionary, genre-bending, startling and original. Outreach activities promote a sense of shared curiosity and renewed appreciation for the role of contemporary art in everyday life, while the Assembly networking event provides practitioners unique opportunities for skills enhancement, increased profile and touring in Canada and abroad.

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