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Nerd Nite


We're coming off our biggest Nerd Nite yet, last month's sold out show was a doozy. So much machine learning, and Dr. Who anecdotes, not to mention all the exoplanets we all discovered since then right? This month we're bringing back some heavy nerd hitters, but mostly it's the month for us to focus on what's really important. Loving our fellow nerds, so come meet a new nerd, and bring some ideas to share!

This month we're got the amazing Dr. Jennifer Gardy to co-host three amazing talks!

1. Marianna DiMauro and Kate Mill - "Environmental Toxicology"

Bio: Marianna DiMauro is a Master’s student at Simon Fraser University in the resource and environmental management program, under the supervision of Dr. Frank Gobas. Currently, she is working on a bioconcentration study as part of a larger initiative to test the applicability of in-vitro (test tube) tests and extrapolation models for predicting bioaccumulation of chemicals in fish. 

Kate is in the Master’s of Environmental Toxicology program at Simon Fraser University studying the lethal and sub lethal effects of anti-sea lice pesticides on non target organisms, under the supervision of Dr. Chris Kennedy.

2. Desiree Nielsen, RD - "Everybody Toots, But Why?"

A look into where gas comes from…that plays into the larger topic of gut microbiota and how food choices impact the microbiota. 

Bio: Desiree is a registered dietitian, author and ambassador for the good (for you) life. She is the host of The Urban Vegetarian, a new vegetarian cooking show on Gusto TV.

3. Robin Coope - Biomedical Engineering

Bio: Robin Coope is the Instrumentation Group Leader at the BC Cancer Agency's Genome Sciences Centre and has been in the genomics field since 2000. In this position Dr. Coope is responsible for evaluating new instrumentation as well as designing de-novo solutions. He holds a BASc and MASc in Engineering Physics and a PhD in Physics from the University of British Columbia.

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